Limits of Organization por Kenneth J. Arrow

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Limits of Organization

Titulo del libro : Limits of Organization
Fecha de lanzamiento :
Autor : Kenneth J. Arrow
Número de páginas :
ISBN : 0393093239
Editor : W. W. Norton & Company

Kenneth J. Arrow con Limits of Organization

The tension between what we wish for and what we can get, between values and opportunities, exists even at the purely individual level. A hermit on a mountain may value warm clothing and yet be hard-pressed to make it from the leaves, bark, or skins he can find. But when many people are competing with each other for satisfaction of their wants, learning how to exploit what is available becomes more difficult. In this volume, Nobel Laureate Kenneth J. Arrow analyzes why - and how - human beings organize their common lives to overcome the basic economic problem: the allocation of scarce resources.