Business Chinese: 20 Essential Topics por Yinghong Huang

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Business Chinese: 20 Essential Topics

Titulo del libro : Business Chinese: 20 Essential Topics
Fecha de lanzamiento : October 1, 2017
Autor : Yinghong Huang
Número de páginas : 217
ISBN : 9781845700263
Editor : Cypress Book Co. UK Ltd

Yinghong Huang con Business Chinese: 20 Essential Topics

The revised edition, with new design and content, is a textbook tailormade for beginners of Mandarin Chinese to develop business links or doing business with China. The characteristics are: - Text and vocabulary are given in Pinyin Romanization with characters throughout - Each topic focuses on language for a specific business situation or context - Grammar and language points are simply explained for practical and easy use - Key cultural information and first hand tips for business people in each situation. What's new ? Compared to the first edition, the new edition has included 20 of the most relevant and essential topics for conducting business with China. - Topic 6 for Chinese social media and communications. - Topic 11 for job application and staff recruitment. - Topic 17 for digital marketing and multichannel selling. - Topic 19 for finding sales representatives and Chinese retail network. - The language level has been modified to be more accessible. By completion, learners could achieve Level A2 of CEFR and Level A of BCT. - A new unit for Chinese characters has been added to provide good understanding about basic structures and hand-writing rules.