Doughnuts por Lara Ferroni

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Titulo del libro : Doughnuts
Fecha de lanzamiento :
Autor : Lara Ferroni
Número de páginas :
ISBN : 1570616418
Editor :

Lara Ferroni con Doughnuts


"If you're not already helpless in the face of a doughnut, one look at this book and you just might have a new food addiction."
"Lara came to our kitchen last year, to work on gluten-free recipes for "Doughnuts". They work! They're delicious."
--"Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef"
"If this isn't the most exciting cookbook ever, we don't know what is."
--"Largehearted Boy"
..".anyone who writes and photographs a doughnut recipe book--oh, "Doughnuts: Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home," from Sasquatch Books, for instance--is pretty much tops in my book. But really, as awesome as you might figure such a person to be, author/photographer/doughnut maker Lara Ferroni is even better."
"Homer Simpson, your Elysian Fields await, and they're covered with sprinkles.'s a collection of luscious imagery that stir up sugar-spun memories of childhood."
--"Wasabi Prime"
"What to say about this precious little bo

Lara Ferroni is a food writer and photographer who regularly contributes to Portland Monthly Magazine, Edible Seattle, Seattle magazine, and She lives in Seattle.