Taste of Mozambique: Recipe Book Video Blog por Mena Gomes

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Taste of Mozambique: Recipe Book Video Blog

Titulo del libro : Taste of Mozambique: Recipe Book Video Blog
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 14, 2016
Autor : Mena Gomes
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Mena Gomes con Taste of Mozambique: Recipe Book Video Blog

Taste of Mozambique is a video blog cooking book of recipes, has its own chicken leg filet developed by our team to prepare meals for everyone.
It is very tasty. We can get the chicken leg everywhere. Taste of Mozambique is made for everyone to taste!!! Soon you can buy the chicken leg fillet in every supermarket!!! We are using sweet potato as much as we can, corn too as it is affordable, healthy and you can find them everywhere. We delight our 100k Followers on FB and Pinterest with videos, pictures, recipes, everyday, also we are pleased for your amazing support! Halo!!! We are in China for the cook book fair in May 2016 as we have been nominated for the award for better cooking book! Taste of Mozambique is among the last three! Wish we bring the trophy! Thank you all for your amazing support, with you we will go far!

Please free download part of our cooking book PDF in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese as a way of saying thank you for your support!

Please visit our blog as every day on our webpage Taste of Mozambique you will find new recipes, new videos, new pictures, and news about publishing the book worldwide and many more to come.

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