Aquel lugar por Alejandro Martín Navarro

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Aquel lugar

Titulo del libro : Aquel lugar
Fecha de lanzamiento : May 1, 2006
Autor : Alejandro Martín Navarro
Número de páginas :
ISBN : 8475178766
Editor : Ediciones Hiperión, S.L.

Alejandro Martín Navarro con Aquel lugar

58pp , ABOUT THE AUTHOR :: Alejandro Martín Navarro is a Spanish poet and philosopher born in Seville on 24 November 1978. Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Sevilla with a thesis on German Romanticism Novalis and directed by Javier Hernandez Pacheco Sanz, with which he obtained the PhD Prize , is also degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the Complutense University of Madrid. He has researched at the University of Vienna in the MAE- AECI program and worked as a secondary school teacher , translator and literary critic. Andaluz is a regular contributor of Literary Circuit , and member of the Editorial Boards of the journals Númenor and Themata.Martín Navarro is the author of two books : Earthen vessels , for which he received the International Poetry Prize Luis Cernuda in 2000, and The place , which won the International Poetry Prize Miguel Hernández in 2006. he has also won the X prize for Poetry Carmen Merchan by a poem entitled " Return of the prodigal Son (Rembrandt ) " and the second prize of the Tenth Edition of the Awards literary " Sancho Panza " by the poem " Return " both in 2012. his poetry , which has been included in several anthologies , begins in the office of the poets of experience , like others of his generation as Jesus Beatles , and develops in the direction of cutting romantic symbolism which, however , does not waive the protagonist , intertextuality , and speaking in the first person , resources that reveal influences D'Ors Miguel Jose July Cabanillas, Eloy Sanchez Rosillo , among others. Martín García has placed the work of Martin Navarro in the poetic " symbolist cut that much of the best contemporary poetry is inscribed ," and noted the approach given in the poetry of Martin Navarro to transcendence approach that " does not consist in a convenient form solutions to the uncertainty of this perpetual walk, " one because his poetry is separated from any conception of poetry understood as a vehicle for ideological content . M