Getting to Yes: Negotiation Skills & Strategies (English Edition) por Katie Lenhart

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Getting to Yes: Negotiation Skills & Strategies (English Edition)

Titulo del libro : Getting to Yes: Negotiation Skills & Strategies (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : February 17, 2013
Autor : Katie Lenhart
Número de páginas : 66
Editor :

Katie Lenhart con Getting to Yes: Negotiation Skills & Strategies (English Edition)

Getting to Yes: Negotiation Skills & Strategies reveals killer negotiation tactics that put you in the driver’s seat when you sit down at the bargaining table. Negotiation is an important part of life and you need to know how to be successful when you come head to head with the opposition. You need to solve the problem of how you go about negotiating in many different situations in your life and that is exactly what Katie Lenhart does for you in this book.

Lenhart unleashes top notch negotiation techniques that are sure to make you a winner. Can you afford to miss out on even one tip that could make a difference with you coming out on top? No, you can’t afford to miss anything that Lenhart offers, but you will miss out if you don’t read this book. There is more to negotiations than just having a few skills. Lenhart will add plenty of ammunition to your arsenal.

Just a few, ( but extremely important) subjects that are covered:
Different styles of negotiating
Five steps to negotiating effectively
Five different situations that can develop and what you should do
Things to avoid in negotiating
What are the secrets of a MASTER negotiator?

How to negotiate by getting to yes will erase the question marks that you may have and it will strengthen your negotiation skills to get you to an expert level. Maybe you have some negotiation techniques and negotiation skills and strategies of your own, but you need to be ultimately prepared in any situation if you are to be declared the victor. Lenhart leads you on to victory in the negotiation war. Have that ace up your sleeve. Katie Lenhart will deal it to you. Start now so that YOU will be the master negotiator!